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Holly Genovese



My name is Holly Genovese. I am a writer, public humanist and the Outreach Coordinator for the Field Family Teen Author Series at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  I am interested in Southern history, urban history, the public humanities, class in academia, and good literature, as well as fashion, red lipstick, and popular culture.

 I am also a contributing editor at Unsweetened Magazine, a contributor at Book Riot  and a blogger at the U.S. Society for Intellectual History blog. I have written for The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Bustle,  Scalawag Magazine, The Establishment, amongst other places. My academic work focuses on the intersection of culture and prisoner rights activism in  20th century New Orleans. . I received a B.A in History and Political Science from Temple University in 2013 and an MA in History at the University of South Carolina in 2015. My MA thesis "They Held Their Fists Up: The Myth of the Violent Black Panther and the Making of the Angola 3" explored the media construction of the Black Panther Party and the ways this influenced the incarceration of the Angola 3.

I have been trained in the nationally recognized Inside Out Prison Exchange Program.




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Temple University

B.A. History and Political Science
Graduated May 2013


University of South Carolina

M.A. in History
Graduated May 2015


Temple University

Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
May 2017


Schlesinger Library Oral History Fellowship, RAdcliffe Institute, Harvard University

Visiting Scholar, Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies, University of New Orleans

Summer Fellowship, Rosaline and Myer Feinstein Center for Jewish American History

Grant, Jewish Studies Department, Temple University

Travel Grant, University of Mississippi 

Smith Richardson Summer Fellowship, History Department, University of South Carolina






Email: Holly.genovese@gmail.com
Phone: 7576636831
Address: South Philly