My December Favorites

My Canon EOS Rebel T5. I have been wanting a DSLR since I first started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs, about 7 or 8 years ago. My senior year of high school/freshman year of college. But I bought a fancy point and shoot Nikon with money from my first job. I wasn't sure if I just wanted it because I felt like I should get into photography or because I really wanted it.  But 8 years later, I wanted to amp up my blog, learn a new skill, and so I put it on my Christmas list. I got it, along with an Ona Camera Bag (thanks for the rec. Delightfully Tacky). 

The Dream of Enlightenment by Anthony Gotlieb. This book is perfect if you are looking for an intro to modern/enlightenment philosophy or a refresher. Gotlieb is a former journalist at the Economist and doesn't take his books too seriously. They are engaging and fun to read, as well as being a much needed Philosophy refresher. 

The Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. Way back when I started drinking starbucks/other fancy coffee drinks this was my go. Like in 10th grade when I would have my mom drop me off at Borders so I could order a fancy coffee and read an entire Gossip Girl book in one sitting. But the last month or so it has been my go to crutch. Can't mess with the classics, I suppose. 

Belong Magazine. My newest favorite magazine. It claims to be a magazine for bloggers, but I really love it and think it definitely has broader appeal. The photographs are lovely and they have a lot of great info on new products, fun new bloggers, and decorative tips. 

The Dailygreatness Journal. This is my newest journal/planner splurge. I love my Daydesigner, but it is relatively simple. It's all I need for my daily to-do list, but wasn't working for my goals necessarily. I then ordered Lara Casey's powersheets, which I LOVE so much. But they are more of a monthly check-in than anything else and I wanted something that focused on goals more regularly. So I ordered the Dailygreatness Journal-which I think will be a great fit. 

Hue Leggings,I have been living in leggings so far this winter and these are my absolute favorite. (Aerie leggings are a close second, for about a half the price). 

Madewell socks.the Madewell clearance sock section is the stuff dreams are made of. No joke. Their socks are often thick, comfy, and super super cute-and 12-15 dollars a pair. But in the back of the store, they have a stock of clearance socks for around 4-6 dollars! That plus the student discount, means I have had quite the influx of Maxwell socks lately. No regrets (also everything about Madewell is perfect and my favorite). 

The Guardian Weekly. Post election I subscribed to the Guardian Weekly, in a fit of supporting news organizations/donating to non-profits (I am now a monthly donor to Planned Parenthood, Juntos, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Sentencing Project)) and (I also subscribe to the NYT, One Step Away, Philly's Street Paper, and Entertainment Weekly). But the Guardian Weekly is amazing. It's chock full of content, it allows me to keep up with politics worldwide wide without feeling like I am over my head, and allows an outsiders perspective on U.S politics, which I think is even more valuable in our current state of affairs. 

Daydreaming about:

 Frye Jenna Lace Up Boots. Do I need new boots? No. But these are perfect and a great use of my Christmas money. 

The Wonderlass Blog/Life planner! Not nearly enough space to use as my everyday planner, but I really need something to plan my blogs (plus I love every single thing on Wonderlass and the Unicorn cover is perfection)

Stacia's Success Journal. It's beautiful but SO expensive and pretty similar in purpose (not design) to my power notes. Since I have become a crazy planner lady, with many many notebooks and planners, they must all have a very unique and distinct purpose or it's counterintuitive. 

 Thanks  Wonderlass
Holly Genovese