School Supply Shopping

I am 25 years old and in a Ph.D program, but school supply shopping is still one of the highlights of the year. And graduate school is great, because I get to do it twice. Last semester I decided to go with Clairefontaine notebooks, a Daydesigner for Bluesky planner, and a far horizon traders bag. As well as some pilot fountain pens, because I love love fountain pens, but lose or break them near constantly. 

This semester I decided to change it up. The paper in the Clairefontaine notebooks was lovely, but they were to big to fit in my bags nicely and too much paper for course use. My day designer for bluesky was the perfect setup, but the back cover fell off about two months into use. so here is what I got for this semester.

1. I decided to go the moleskine route. I love love fancy french paper and everything from Goulet pens, but Moleskine is a classic for a reason. For my own courses, I got the Moleskine Volant. They are thin enough that I think I will come close to filling it in every course, but their cover is still a nice leathery material rather than cardboard. Because I am not just grading, but TAing for two sections this semester, I also got the classic hardback moleskine for lesson planning/lecture notes. Pretty fancy, but I wanted something nice and light. 

2. I ordered more pilot fountain pens. They are wonderful, but I broke/lost about half of them. I also got some micron pens, in varying sizes. I discovered them in my bullet journaling phase. 

3. Towards the end of last semester I splurged for a nice Day Designer. It was a ridiculously pricey planner, but it is so so worth it. I am notorious for switching planners every 6 months, but with this one I don't want to switch! 

4. I know it's very 2013 of me, but I ordered a Baggu Duck Bag. They look so nice and roomy, very simple, and prefect for teaching. I love my far horizon traders bag, but its' really a little small for schlepping books/notes/lunch/camelback/ipad everyday so I am excited to try it out (plus, it is so affordable!)

5. Blog plus Life planner. Is this even really a school supply? But if I am serious about this blogging thing I want to really try. 

6. Modcloth Chelsea boots. I have been wanting Chelsea boots all fall, so I decided it was time to splurge. 

Holly Genovese