Instead of reading for exams...

I played hooky from reading for exams the last two days (Although I recently read Jim Cobb's Away Down South and it perfectly articulated so much about what I think about southern exceptionalism and the South as an a convenient other). Instead of reading for comps, I have written a blog post over at USIH about intellectualism and a journal rejection. I've also worked on the draft of the journal article (and I think it's going to BE so much better). I've been reading Gramsci's Prison Notebooks for said article and The Sun is Also a Star for life. I've been working on an article on King's Freelines as protest and getting so many pitch rejections. I also bought a sheplans planner journal solely to keep track of writing deadlines, which may make me a crazy person. In super exciting news, The Stars Hollow Historical Society blog is going to be featured on History@Work. I also got a jump start on a grant application that has been looming over me, which feels nice. It's funny, I haven't read nearly as many comp books or written the things I wanted to have written so far during break, but I have been productive anyway. (Oh and I've gotten through a season and a half of Grey's, which it's own type of productivity, right?). 

Anyways, back to it. 

Holly Genovese