fingers in too many pies

do you ever have so many things going on, that you can't keep up? No matter what I am doing, I feel like I should be doing something else. I have 3 classes, which I love. Two sections. I am writing a ridiculous amount of freelance pieces, 6 to be exact. I am applying to 3 more grants this semester, which will hopefully fund my summer research. I am trying to get out a journal article that I've been writing for what feels like forever at this point. And I am reading for comps and writing my prospectus and taking two dance classes a week and it sometimes feel like I don't have time to breathe. It's not just overwhelming, but I feel like I am at a split, like I need to choose what my path is going to be, and because of that I never feel like I am quite where I am supposed to be. If I am reading for class, I feel like I should be grading. If I am grading, I feel like I should be writing. If I am working on my journal article, I feel like I should work on a magazine piece and then when I do feel like I am not academic enough. I feel like I've gotten myself into this cycle of shame, which is not good mentally but is also not super helpful regarding productivity. 

Holly Genovese