Life Lately

I haven't written in quite a while so I've decided to do a life lately post. 

1. I've been reading The Marriage Plot  by Jeffrey Eugenides for fun. It's so so brilliant (and who doesn't want to read a campus novel about romance and literature). So great. 

2. I've been fundraising for an exhibit on Philadelphia prison labor via kickstarter. I will write another post about crowdsourcing, but it was v. hard. We had a modest goal and made it, but it's a tremendous amount of work. 

3. I just bought the softest jeans in the whole world (and they are from American Eagle). They are made with spandex of some sort and called Sateen jeans. But I am in love. 

4. I subscribed to Scribe Delivery a few months ago and I am SO in love. It's quite pricey for a subscription service (at 30 dollars) but I canceled my happy mail and paper gang for it. This last month I got 4 notebooks and 4 writing utensils-so worth it. 

5. I've been thinking a lot about improving my digital skills-I think I might invest in A Beautiful Mess's blog design e-course. It seems like a simple and fun way to get some web-design skills, that I can use here and elsewhere. 

6. My obsession with Riverdale is still going strong (best teen drama in years.)

7. I still plan to blog my way through comp reading, but I decided to wait until September to take my exams. Those posts will start again in earnest at the end of the semester. 



Holly Genovese